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Velcro email copy

Cut down on fluff and don't forget the hook

Is your email copy all fluff and no hook? Fluff is lazy, unappealing and pointless copy that wastes valuable attention space.

Before you can write effective sales copy you have to eliminate fluff. The first step is recognising where fluff comes from and stopping it at the source.

Template fluff stuffing

Too often an email’s copy comes after the template is chosen, the words become just filling for the design. That’s when fluff starts expanding to fill the available space until it has suffocated all life from the email and clogged every column.

Avoiding template stuffing means careful planning and structuring of your email before you hit the html builder.

Corporate fluff waffle

Trying too hard to sound 'professional' leads to bland, indecipherable and meaningless corporate waffle. It’s cold, sterile, impersonal, patronising and pompous — in short, it creates the worst possible environment in which to sell.

Better results come from lovingly hand-crafted copy. Find your own voice and write in a natural style that resonates with and talks to your audience, not at them.

Stan -out from the crowd

Don’t use clichés like that one for starters.

Yes, even in business, having an authentic and unique voice pays dividends.  You’ll never stand out from an inbox full of emails, engage and build trust by being bland.

emails that stick

Eliminating fluff is only the first step in writing effective emails. Sales copy needs a hook. Something to turn engagement into a response, a call-to-action.

To get results you need to create hooks and cut down the fluff. But don’t overdo it - hacking away all personality so your email bristles with nothing but hooks will make it as effective as one-sided Velcro.

Shave not scalp

Write clear and concise emails that lead to a call-to-action. Without sacrificing all personality and authenticity in the pursuit of clarity - you still want your message to be engaging.

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