Stop counting clicks, start closing deals

If your emails aren't generating sales then what are they doing?

Stats don't make purchases, individuals do. Traditional email marketing focuses on analysing campaign performance. Obviously useful but it doesn't identify immediate sales opportunities.

Our sendee campaigns have proved hugely successful in creating increased response

Jenny Reynolds - Director at Vendex

per month equivalent
charged £960 annually

for over a million chances in a year of actively selling to up to 20,000 contacts.

How much profit will you make if you land just 100 new customers with sendee this year?

Behind every open, click, visit or stat is a real person. A real chance to engage.

sendee digs deeper than big data to give you a detailed picture of individual leads.

That's where the sales are.

6011 Inactive 1956 Visits 3773 Opens
3,773 opens
1,956 visits
6,011 inactive

Customer relationships and retention

It's not just fresh prospects. Building strong relationships with your existing customers leads to repeat business, up-selling/ cross-selling and new business via positive word-of-mouth. email is the perfect vehicle for delivering regular, targeted and engaging messages.

  • Regular communication - keeps customers informed about new products, services, offers etc.
  • Personalisation - makes customers feel valued
  • Timely offers - encourages upsell and repeat business
  • Feedback - survey your customers for crucial insights
  • Reputation building - valuable content establishes authority and builds trust.

sendee gives you an easy and cost-effective to stay in touch with your customers to build long-term relationships and increase their lifetime value.

Go beyond marketing with integrated sales

sendee is primarily designed to turn what can be, for many SMEs, a vague form of marketing into a focused sales tool. All too often email marketing is recognised as important but there’s a total disconnect with sales efforts.

  • REAL TIME - watch hot leads with contact details as they hit your dashboard.
  • Integrated CRM - manage your team's campaign follow-up calls and meetings.
  • Sales funnels - bring engagement with your website content into your marketing mix.
  • Demographics - precisely segment, differentiate, target and manage your leads.
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