Sending to sell

Powerful segmentation made refreshingly simple

Flooding some contact list or other with newsletter-styled emails, totally disconnected from any sales effort, just doesn't cut it. Clicks are dutifully counted, pie-charts oggled and… nothing. Where's the return? What's next? Same again next week?

Not if you want to generate a response.

Be focused, be agile and integrate email with your sales. Send emails right when they're needed, to specific well-defined targets and follow-up the hottest leads. It's what sendee is designed for.

sendee is an ideal way to target your specific audience effectively

Mel Norris - Office Manager at Caffeica

Create a refreshingly effective marketing mix

  • Use advanced segmentation to target precise demographics
  • Quickly load a template, tailor and target it - all from one screen
  • Send immediately or schedule for later
  • Deliver HTML emails coded to display well across all devices
  • Deliver emails that include a plain-text fall-back
  • Send via infrastructure optimised for high delivery rates

Fire-and-forget email marketing often leads to forgettable results.


Because the focus is on firing-off campaigns, not on selling.

Sales-led email gets results

Creating segments

In seconds you can create and save segments that will turbocharge the effectiveness of your email efforts. Then, on one screen, using the One-Page Builder, create your targeted message, load a segment with a single click and then send. In seconds you could be targeting leads who:

  • are red-hot and fully-engaged. Perfect for immediate contact.
  • have completed a given sales funnel on your website. And so ready for a specific pitch.
  • are VIP customers you haven't spoken to recently. Ideal candidates for relationship building.
  • you met at a specific show and haven't yet sent a follow-up campaign. Follow-up now.
  • opened a campaign but didn't visit your website. Send a message to nudge into action.
  • you have had a meeting with about a specific topic. Provide follow-up material.

There are countless combinations, each an opportunity to unlock the full value of your leads.

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