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Bite-size articles written to help you get results from your email marketing

Built to engage

How do you structure emails for different reading behaviours?
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Send to sell

It's not the opens that count, it's the deals you close
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Subject to success

Never before has so much had to be done in so few words
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Keep on scrubbing

Maximise deliverability and inbox placement
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Kill the contact list

Rolodex is dead, long live advanced segmentation
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Filters are your frenemy

A foe, but one that can help your email marketing
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Too much to ask?

Provide valuable answers but leave meat on the bone
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Templates for goldfish

Not everything that glitters is gold, don't undervalue content
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Brand vocals

Image isn't the same as images
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The cure to a case of the vagaries or lawyer's tongue
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Keep interest rates high

Don't be too keen on slashing your copy to the bone
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Clean up with killer copy

The tortured howls of 1000 undead
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Velcro email copy

Cut down on fluff and don't forget the hook
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Make sure you're writing emails with purpose
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The attention gap

Fight the gravitational pull of the trash folder
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Headline howlers

Hilarious examples of when words go wrong
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Free your words to connect with your audience
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Wants more than needs

Do your customers know you've got what they want?
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