Sendee data policy

At sendee we're serious about data protection and ensuring our app is used as an effective tool for communicating with genuine business contacts and not for spam.

Data processing

The data stored in sendee is used only to provide you the ability to effectively communicate via email to your business contacts.

The only data requested by us and held on the sendee application is your first/ last name, email, company name/ address/ phone number. This data is required because the emails you send with sendee must include this information to meet your own data and electronic communications obligations.

The sendee app also holds the data of the contacts you upload — namely: first/ last name, email, company name and phone numbers.

Data is screened before it can be sent to. This screening attempts to prevent spam, ensure your own data obligations are met and maximise deliverability. This may be conducted by a trusted 3rd party provider who will securely process the data only for this specific purpose and only hold it until the screening is complete (usually less than 24 hours).

sendee uses a trusted SMTP infrastructure provider for deliverability of emails. This provider only processes the data contained within emails to deliver them. Most notably the email address of recipients. Your emails may also contain other Personally Identifying Data such as name/ company name. For analysis and monitoring to maximise deliverability, this data may be kept for up to 35 days before permanent deletion.

Spam complaints and undeliverable ‘hard’ bounces are automatically processed by the sendee app and removed from active sending.

All data is held within and does not leave the EEA.

All data is under your control — you collect it under your own data controller obligations and sendee provides you the tools to retrieve, update and remove it any time.

All data is only held for as long as you use sendee and will be deleted immediately should you end your subscription.

Data security

Account passwords are hashed and cannot be viewed or retrieved by anyone — only reset.

The entire sendee app is encrypted with TLS and has brute force protection.

All software and servers underpinning the sendee app are kept up-to-date with security releases.

The sendee app is hosted on secure London-based servers. Access is strictly limited and monitored:

  • Physically, the site has 24/7 security guards, full CCTV coverage, biometric readers and 2-factor authentication and more.
  • Digitally, key-based authentication and access coupled with Role-Based Access Control ensures access is highly limited and closely monitored.
  • Additionally, hard drives and infrastructure are securely erased before decommission or reuse.
  • Monitoring and analytics proactively monitor, identify and resolve malicious activity.
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