Sendee terms of service

We want you to get the best results possible. An important part of that is deliverability and legal compliance. They go hand-in-hand. At best spam reduces deliverability and turns-off prospects. At worst it leads to total IP blacklisting. Our T&Cs are designed to protect you and the sendee app.

1. Eligibility

The sendee app is a business tool aimed at businesses wanting to effectively communicate with their genuine business contacts. You must:

1.1 Be able to enter into contracts on behalf of a legitimate and lawful business - notifying us immediately if this ceases to be the case.

1.2 Provide and maintain true, accurate and complete account data (company name and contact information) to meet your electronic communications obligations.

1.3 Keep your log-in credentials safe and secure - notifying us immediately of any suspected loss /theft/ disclosure.

1.4 Not share your log-in with any third party.

1.5 Use sendee solely for your own business - or on behalf of a third party without prior agreement with sendee.

Essentially — protect yourself. Keep your log-in secure and for your own use. Keep your account information up to date. Let us know right away if someone else might’ve got hold of your log-in.

2. Responsibility

As a user of the sendee app you agree to the following conditions of use:

2.1 You are responsible for all activity on your account - whether by yourself directly or anyone that uses your account.

2.2 You will only upload genuine business contacts and not engage in spam. No third-party lists.

2.3 You will not use the sendee app to send unlawful material or engage in unlawful activity.

2.4 You will not use the sendee app to harass, threaten, liable, defraud or otherwise cause malicious injury to another party.

2.5 You will abide by EU/ UK legislation regarding GDPR, electronic communications and data protection.

Essentially — use sendee to communicate with genuine business contacts and not for anything nefarious!

3. Reasonable use

As a use of the sendee app you agree you will not:

3.1 Take action that imposes an unreasonable/ disproportionate load on the sendee app.

3.2 Interfere, or attempt to, with the proper working of the sendee app.

3.3 Bypass/ circumvent, or attempt to, the sendee app security measures.

3.4 Use the sendee app to send content that violates copyright or trademark laws.

3.5 Use sendee to store content not intended to be used in emails sent by sendee.

3.6 You will not send content that leads to an unreasonable (judged at our sole discretion) level of spam complaints or IP blacklisting/ blocking by industry-leading spam filters.

Essentially — fair use. You will use the sendee app for its intended purpose and not in a way that would damage its smooth running or your own delivery reputation.

We aim to be fair. We’ll work with you to maximise your deliverability by meeting these T&Cs — screening your contacts, alerting you of potential spam triggers and helping you create effective, compliant emails.

But, please note, failure to meet these terms and conditions is grounds for termination of your sendee app account.

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