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Send to sell

It's not the opens that count, it's the deals you close

Sales-led emailing has an entirely different strategic approach than fire-and-forget newsletter-based marketing. The focus is on seamless integration with your sales process. Be agile, responsive and strategic with your sending. Send when your message will be most effective and you’ve the resources to follow-up leads.

After all, if your emails aren’t generating sales then what are they doing?

Stop counting clicks, start closing deals…

Stats don’t make purchases, individuals do. Traditional email marketing software focuses on analysing email performance to give a strategic ‘big data’ overview. Obviously useful. But counting clicks tells you about your email performance, it doesn’t identify sales opportunities.

Campaign statistics should be about turning meaningful data into profitable action.

  • Clearly identified hot leads can be quickly followed-up
  • A highly visible engagement metric helps you prioritise resources
  • Individual-level data provides detailed behavioural insight that ‘big data’ can’t
  • Demographics that go well beyond opens and clicks allow for advanced segmentation
  • Integrating CRM functions bridges the gap between sales and marketing efforts
  • Knowing the content a lead engaged with helps inform sales efforts

Put engagement at the heart of your email strategy and get marketing and sales working together. It’s about seeing email as a precision sales munition and not as scattergun marketing fired into the dark.

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